Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23

The heart causes most of the issues in our life, but if you keep diligence in your heart the issues you have will come out of your heart and won´t cause you strife. So really you just have to let things go and live truthfully to God´s word.


Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise

Hebrew 10:35-36

This verse makes me feel that you have to have confidence in yourself to fulfill the will of God that has been place upon you. You also need patience because God never does anything right away.


I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him I will trust.

Psalms 91:2

To me this verse really makes me think about who I really trust and do not trust. Then I realize that no matter what I can always trust in God. When I can not handle my life anymore I always go to him for how I will handle my life at that moment.


Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end, There are many devices in a man´s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

Proverbs 19:20-21

Today I read this verse and I really thought about how it applies to my school life so much. I realize that we really need to listen to instruction to prevail.




Today I read chapter 40 of      Married to the Prince of Darkness.  Mia gets out of the bathroom and runs out of her room in search of that nurse that is poisoning her. She runs down the hall opening every door until she finds that nurse. Luc and Nico run after Mia to stop her when they finally get caught up to Mia they do not let her pass them at all. Mia tries to explain what happened and why she is doing this, but she realizes that the only way for them to understand is if she tells them the whole truth about everything. When Mia tries to tell them without telling them her secret they look at her like she is crazy. Then Luc and Nico give Mia 2 choices to go back to her room on her own accord or they will get the doctor to sedate her then they will take her back to her room by force.



Today I read chapter 39 of     Married to the Prince of Darkness.  Mia wakes up and she finds herself floating in a familiar darkness that she is used to by now. Then Celia shows herself to Mia and Mia asks why is she doing all of this to her? Celia doesn´t sasy anything but ¨Mia¨ then Celia shows Mia what her nurse has been doing to her when she is out cold. Mia´s nurse puts poison in to her blood feeding bag, and thats why Mia doesn´t feel too great whenever she wakes up now. When Mia wakes up from that episode, she slowly gets out of the bathroom and tries to go and find that nurse that is poisoning her.



Today I read chapter 38 of        Married to the Prince of Darkness. Mia wakes up from passing out. So Mia is laying awake in the bed with Luc. She says that she is going to the bathroom, and Luc says okay. Mia goes to the bathroom because she needs a change of scenery before she goes mad thinking about what has just happened today.When Mia goes into the bathroom and shuts the door the lights go out and the room becomes cold and dark. Celia comes to Mia this time and Mia screams go away then Luc heres Mia scream, so he runs and tries to open the door form the outside. Then Celia breaks the mirror into shards and throws all of them at Mia. Mia blacks out because of the lost of blood that the glass shards caused when they all hit her.



Today I read chapters 35, 36 and 37ish of       Married to the Prince of Darkness. Mia finds out that she is pregnant and Louis wants Luc and Mia´s baby for himself so he can have an heir to the throne. When Mia finds out she has a baby she freaks, then when Louis tells her to give her baby to him to have she gets pissed. Then they get into a argument about it then Louis calls for the doctor to sedate her, but Mia hears Luc coming g down the hallway and screams BLOODY MURDER for him. He walks into Mia´s room over to where she is and says can he have sometime with his wife to clam her down. When everyone else leaves the room Mia and Luc try to talk but Mia is still really pissed about Louis wanting her baby for himself, and for her to stay in that room until the baby comes.  Man if I was Mia I would feel the exact same as her right now with everything that she has went through, like can the girl ever get a break!!! Sooo when Mia is in Luc´s arms she finally clams all the way down to where she is not mad anymore to be yelling and causing a fuss. Luc goes in and tries to kiss Mia, because its been like forever since the last time they touched, Mia stops him right before their lips touch and says I have been throwing up for the last 30 mins at lest let me go and freshen up before this. Then Luc hesitantly lets Mia freshen up, when she goes into the bathroom she sees a picture that disturbs her in every way she can think of…..

– McAlister


Today I read a short story about  ¨The Girl in the Converse Shoes¨ its about a guy who goes to a party and meets a cute girl. Miles who is the guy that goes to the party meets a really cute girl there, when she walks up to him she says that she has always had a crush on him and then she kissed him. But Miles couldn´t see the girl very well because he took his glasses off the wipe them off, all he could see were her pink converse shoes. A week later at school he tried to look for the pink converse shoes for the girl by firday a week later, Julie asked Miles to pass ¨the costume¨ back to Clair. Then he put it all together and said it was you Julie, wasn´t it. Then Julie says it took you long enough.


Today I read Mark 5:1-20. And its about when Jesus casted out the demons inside the man. when the demons came out of the man they all went into the herd of pigs that was near by and all 2,000 pigs died.  This man was also an outcast to the city because the demons he had in him made him crazy/mad. when the man saw Jesus he got on his knees and praised him and asked him to cast out the demons within him.

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